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National Dental Month is Here!

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Ranch Docs loves to celebrate dental month! For the month of February Ranch Docs continues to offer complimentary dental consults to provide clients with an estimate for getting your pet's mouth back to smelling fresh. We also offer 10% off all dental services for cleanings and oral surgery

Did you know that by having a cleaning done every year you can help your pet keep their smile longer, decrease the risk of certain heart diseases all for the low price of $247.50!!! (For pets with Stage 1 dental disease - small amount of plaque build up with no extractions).  This means that if you did a dental every year from year 1 to year 7 of age it could cos you the same as doing it once at year 7 (and will more or all the teeth still intact!). This means less possible pain or discomfor t for your pet.

Worried about the anesthetics? Patients rarely have an issue with anesthetic medications or inhalent drugs.  Our regulatory board (the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association), and consulted with veterinarians board certified in dentistry and anaesisiology and have determined that it is unsafe to hand scrape pet's teeth without the pet being intubated and under anaesthesia to a level where they don't feel pain that may occur when doing a proper cleaning. Imagine if you didn't brush you teeth ever? Very quickly the tartar would build up - first, UNDER THE GUM LINE where you can't see it and it causes the most problems, and then to where you could see a discoloration as the tartar turns to plaque. 

Give us a call today to book your complimentary tech dental exam today! 

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